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Hospitality Services

SINGETULU specialises in managing and adopting security measures for hotels, lodges as well as the entertainment milieu. We understand the intricacies associated with hotel security and discretion. Integrity plays an important role in the formation of our brand we therefore take into account the complex environment hospitality maintains. 

We ensure that we constantly improve our technology and skills in dealing with our clients. We employ well-mannered personnel that comprehend our vision and values; this means that all that is carried out by our staff correlates with who we are as Singetulu.

This helps us stay afloat in providing quality services leaving less or no room for errors. 

We specialise in the following: 

Services Offered  


  • Video Surveillance
  • VIP Protection
  • Electronic Security
  • Transportation
  • Parking Management Systems
  • Concierge Services
  • Access and Egress Control
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Health and Safety Monitoring

Experience Guarantee

Our Team comes with many years experience.

Quality Guarantee

We make use of quality tools and we ensure that our client is happy at all times.

Satisfaction Guarantee

With our excellent team and professional tools, you are guaranteed to be happy with our work.

Our Services

  • Logistics and Warehouse Operations
  • Retail Security and Store Protection
  • Hospitality Services
  • Residential Services

Contact Information

Singetulu Risk Control
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Tel: 011 339 1653
Cell: 079 918 9251
Email: info@singetulu.co.za
Address: South Point Corner | 87 Dekorte Street | Office 903 | Braamfontein | Johannesburg 2017 

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