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About Us

  • We are an innovative and consumer centric security company with the primary focus on keeping our clients at the fore of all we do. We pride ourselves with offering quality, efficient and services while maintaining integrity throughout our Client
  • We provide our clients a meticulous and detailed approach to safe keeping their business as well as their assets. In doing this, we make sure we take time to assess and customise our services to fit the needs and desires of our client
  • As a new and vibrant security company in the market we aim to offer unsought and garden-fresh solutions for our clients. Providing recurrent skill development programs and extensive training for our employees helps us stay ahead of our competitors.
  • We are a proudly South African brand with a footprint in Johannesburg, Mpumalanga and Durban and over 500 dedicated employees. We have embedded our values and ethos in our busines conduct, consequently resulting in a driven and motivated staff whose goal is to provide quality
  • To be a market leader in the industry
  • To be a one stop to all security solutions
  • To constantly refine and improve our business strategy
  • To expand our footprint across the country
  • To contribute to the alleviation of poverty by creating jobs
  • To be promote a green envi- ronment in daily operations

Experience Guarantee

Our Team comes with many years experience.

Quality Guarantee

We make use of quality tools and we ensure that our client is happy at all times.

Satisfaction Guarantee

With our excellent team and professional tools, you are guaranteed to be happy with our work.

Our Services

  • Logistics and Warehouse Operations
  • Retail Security and Store Protection
  • Hospitality Services
  • Residential Services

Contact Information

Singetulu Risk Control
Company Reg: 2012/093405/07
Tel: 011 339 1653
Cell: 079 918 9251
Email: info@singetulu.co.za
Address: South Point Corner | 87 Dekorte Street | Office 903 | Braamfontein | Johannesburg 2017 

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